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Chicago-area Pagan Parenting E-Group: Join Now! This is an e-group I have started to connect other Chicago-area parenting Pagans. I'd really like to meet others to share experiences and to swap information. Everyone is welcome, no matter what path you walk. If you are in the vicinity of the city, consider signing up! One of the things I would like to see result from this is a play group :)

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Even *BIGGER* Update!
The Chi-PP isn't just an email loop anymore; it's taken off as the hosts of real-time events for children "all Wheel long"! By September of 2001, we will also be running a charter of Spiral Scouts for Pagan youth. We have no intention of folding or merging into Spiral Scouts... it is meant to compliment the events the Chi-PP hosts and the newsletters that are generated. Please go to the Chi-PP website for more information.

Pagan Parenting
As a mother myself, I thought it was necessary to make mention on raising children in a Pagan household. Our son is nine years old, which maybe older or younger than your child or children, so please keep this in mind.

I had Ryan when I was a month shy of my eighteenth birthday. At that point, I was still in high school, living with my mother and extremely unprepared. There are, of course, things I would have done differently since "now I know better". I did what my mother told me, which now I realize may not have been exactly the best way to rear a small boy. At the time, I was agnostic for quite a few years, but I had baptized my son Catholic to appease my mother, even though I felt it "wrong" somehow. I hadn't accepted Paganism until Ryan was about four. Since that time, I have been gradually showing him the way my husband and I do things a little bit differently than Grandma.

Keep in mind I think our parents did a pretty good job of raising us to the best of their abilities, and Ron (my husband) and I both come from very different family styles. And even though our families don't necessarily condone our beliefs, they don't think we're doing a bad job, either :) (My mom, who has an opinion on everything, even told Ron what a "good dad" he is!)

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