To School or Not to School?
Ryan does go to school, but not in the local district. For years, the Chicago Public School System has been notorious for pushing uneducated children onto the next level, promoting teachers who do not deserve it, and snubbing their noses at the concerns of parents. Unfortunately, the local school still follows these concepts.

So, going from word of mouth, I saught out the "Options for Knowledge" program which many systems across the country offer. I applied to as many "good" schools as I was able to, and was accepted to six (of fifty applications). The school he attends now is fabulous! They steer towards computer science, they promote only students (and teachers!!) who deserve to be promoted, they listen to my needs as a parent, and they are very tolerant of our background. So, you see, not *all* public schools are bad ;)

Now some folks really want to homeschool, but due to time or financial constraints just can't. Just because your kids go to school, it doesn't mean you can't still educate them! After they're done with their homework, turn off the tv for a while and read to them. Have your kids help you plan dinner, even if it is only mac n' cheese and a hot dog. Have dinner together and discuss what happened throughout the day. All of the above are chances to teach your children your ethics and standards, as well as help them learn how to live in the real world.

In my home (which is only a one-bedroom apartment!), dinner time is really the only time during the work week where we all get to see each other, without the distraction of the TV/DVD/PS2/Nintendo/stereo/computer/phone/ect. So, this 15-20 minutes out of the day we get to learn from each other; to share our feelings, but not to complain about this or that - positive time! For those who can or do homeschool, what better way to compliment your already existing family ties!

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