Kids and Animals
Children love animals, the large and the small. Since we live in the city, there aren't a whole lot of outlets for Ryan to see anything other than a dog or a cat or a squirrel (or a pigeon!). Even so, during the summer, we take mini trips to the end of the city to the forest preserves and have barbecues. This gives Ryan a chance to get out some of that energy, take a hike while food is grilling an actually see a few forest animals and fish.

At home, Ryan does little projects like making bird treats for the robbins (and the occational cardinal) off the back porch of our apartment. During the Holidays, he makes ornaments like "cat's eyes" and decorated styofoam balls. He's always "makin stuff" for us.

Added August 27, 2000
Today, Ryan got another pet - a 2 week old kitten! Some guy was selling it outside the pet store, so we just had to snatch him up (anyone selling a 2 week old animal does NOT have it's best interests in mind!) It's exactly the type he wanted (the orangey, stripey, furry, Morris-type).

Though I'm highly allergic to cats due to their dander, I've wanted to have another companion in the home (we've had black labs in the past, but an apartment just isn't the place for large breed dogs!). So, along with a small can of cat food, I picked up a box of Benadryl (hehe).

Would you like to see a pic of Tiger? Click here.

Added May 20, 2001
Would you believe he don't make me sick? I had gotten some wonderful advice early on from a friend, and sure enough, I bet it's why! I was told to only purchase scoopable litter, as the clay variety retains too many germs and allergins. I've been faithfully buying Fresh Step, and have yet to get the red, itchy eyes, the runny nose, or anything - and quite often Mr. Magillicuddy sleeps on my head! (Tiger's full name is Tiger "Meow-Meow" Magillicuddy - all that fiery red hair means he MUST be Irish! LOL)

The day after we bought him, we went to PetSmart and purchased a bottle and "cat's milk". Ron says Tiger likes me best because "Mommy fed him ba-ba" hehehehe ;) Tiger loves to wrestle with Ron and Ryan, agressively - teeth and all!, but rarely does with me.

I've been searching the Internet for information on how to care for him, so below are some really great sites chock full of information!
Guide to Your Cat
Care For My Cat
National Pet Care Centers

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