Kids n' Magick
Kids are innately connected with Nature and Magick. It is when we "grow up" that we are taught to give up such "childish" things. Most American children cast spells and don't even realize it. They wish on the first stars that come out at night, and they wish for the rain to come another day so they can play outside. Spellwork and Magick really are not that complex, but we can teach our children by example how to add the extra "oomphs!" to their wishes to make them a reality.

However, I do need to state that Magick is the scientific part of our religion, so with any Magick that we work, we also incorporate our ethics and beliefs into them. While we are not Wiccan and do not believe in the Threefold Law, we do believe in basic Karma, so yes, we tell Ryan why it is wrong to wish bad things to happen to his teacher, even if she really was being mean! LOL

About a year ago, I took Ryan to a shop and he picked out his first Tarot deck - "The Halloween Deck" - and he used his own money LOL. I thought it looked kind of silly, but when I actually checked out the deck at home, I realized that it not only worked very closely to the Rider-Waite deck, but it had alot of important details that decks like the Thoth (Crowley) deck uses! What a great deck! And, it's got goofy monsters and pumpkins and things that little boys go for, as well as a little black cat that's hiding in every card. It reminds me of his "Little Critter" books by Mercer Mayer (though he's too big for them now - he likes Goosebumps and Harry Potter).

Ron and I also teach Ryan to be more accepting of others beliefs, and we slowly introduce him to what we believe in a way he may understand. A good example would be the fact that we don't believe in an eternal Heaven. Ryan likes this idea better than what grandma told him. In his words,

    "When you die, you go up and hang out with other people. Then, when it's time to go, you get a new body. If you didn't, it sure would get crowded! And - you might get to say hi to people you knew before, too."
Ryan's opinion of the "Devil" is,
    "The Devil is like Freddy Kreugar. He's a pretty scary guy that people made up a long time ago to make you be good - or else. But that's just like a movie."

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