Learn at Home
Since you are reading this, I am left to assume you have a computer in the home. Take advantage of it! There are some really great websites out there for kids, both Pagan and secular, as well as instructional programs you can buy or download. When I was in high school, I refused to take a typing class because "only college-bound geeks did that". I really wish I had, because some years later, I did go to college!

Set up an email account for your children. Ryan loves getting mail, and it teaches his little fingers how to be more coordinated. Oh - and you should see his report card after he started going online! His reading skills have improved dramatically!

While I do suggest you monitor his or her activity, I don't recommend using programs like "Net Nanny", since they block Pagan-themed websites!

Feel free to check out my latest area on how to help your kids learn. It's good for home/unschoolers as well :) Just be sure to note I will be adding ALOT of info here!

Help Your Kids Learn!

Yahooligans! Kids' Search Engine
Yahoo! Free E-Mail
Children of Samhain E-Group
TuKids from Tucows
MicroSoft: Internet Safety

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