Yes, Ryan does receive an allowance of $10 a week. Some may say that's a little high, but so is inflation. He saves his money in a bank, buys ice cream for himself and his friends, and spends the rest on Doritoes, Pokèmon/Digimon cards and video games.

Also, with the allowance he earns, he takes on the responsibility to care for the stuff he has. Last December, he left his GameBoy pack and games, worth about $225, on the bus. He was specifically told not to take it with him that day, and because he chose to take it and be responsible for it, he had to forfeit his allowance until it was paid for! The reason is because that came out of our money, so in essense, he lost our GameBoy! Guess what - he is SOOOOOO careful with his stuff now, no matter who bought it!

Before you ask, yes, he has chores to do to earn his money. After school, he immediately comes home and does his homework. He helps out with the laundry and picks up after himself. Since we don't get home until after he's been home a good three hours by himself, he isn't allowed outside. It's unfortunate I know, but we make sure there's plenty for him to keep busy and out of trouble. He's an excellent artist, so coloring books are the way to go. He likes to add onto pictures and create his own scenes.

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