Paganism and School
At this point, we have asked Ryan not to discuss our beliefs with others. Some may say it is a sign of being "ashamed" of who we are, but kids can be cruel. I wasn't the most popular kid when I was in school, and Ryan seems to be. So I just want to make sure he has a much more stable and happier childhood than I did.

This doesn't mean we tell Ryan to keep our faith a "secret". "Secrets" always have a way of slipping out, and backfiring! Ryan is just told that some people just aren't ready to understand. But, it is his choice to let his friends know how he feels, and that goes for everything :)

I don't discuss my beliefs at work, but I don't deny them either. In my opinion, work and school are not places to discuss religion or politics anyway. However, I also feel that we as Pagans are entitled to live our lives like everyone else. While I still feel I don't need to share my religion at work, either by wearing Pagan clothing or jewelry, or by discussing it, I certainly will not stand by and allow others to tell me what to do, nor feel intimidated by the majority.

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