Ryan used to attend Cub Scouts on Thursday nights, but recently he decided he didn't like being with them anymore. It's his choice, of course, but I do miss him going there. He was always bringing home new projects for him and dad to work on. He won first place in the "Raingutter Regata" and second place in the "Pinewood Derby." Ron and Ryan fashioned their boat as a yacht; the car was painted in camoflauge.

As of right now, the Scouts do not recognize Paganism per se, but they do recognize Unitarian Universalism, Hinduism and Buddism, among a few. They are becoming more and more accepting, so as Paganism becomes a bit more recognized in general, I believe Scouting will follow suit. And if not, that's ok, because now we have Spiral Scouts International! In fact, if you're in the area, I'm forming a chapter, which should be formally open in September of 2001. And yes, Ryan whole-heartedly wants to become the first member.

If you really want your kids to connect with Nature, then scouting is definitely for them. They camp out, ride horses, make their own meals and learn about the plants and animals around them. The older kids become mentors to the younger ones, and participating adults get to spend a little extra time with their kids and their new friends.

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