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Locks of Love
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Started as just another online email loop, the Chi-PP has grown into a full-fledged public and online community for parenting Pagans and their children. We have at least one event each holiday, always being kid-friendly in mind. Through our children we grow into better parents, and by gently introducing them to our faith will we flourish.

The Chi-PP is decidely *not* closed-minded, nor are we geared towards any one Path, as all are equally legitimate. Our members come from all walks of life: clergy, business and military folk, laborers and homemakers; white- and blue-collared. We are equally as diverse religiously, though we all consider ourselves Pagan in some way. We strive for balance and harmony, and through us do our children shine!

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What's New? - Updated February 10th, 2004

My Godz, has it been 2 years since my last update??? I've been so busy here at home, that I honestly haven't had time to do much else. But I'm back, and so is the Ostara Egg Hunt! That's right! Here's the specs!

I am so very pleased to announce the return of the kids Ostara egg hunt - kid-oriented, not just kid-friendly! As many of you know, last year I had to cancel because I had a terrible time with getting the permit, and many kids were sadly disappointed. But I vow, that as long as there is a want, and so many of you replied with a resounding "YES!", that I will not let that ever happen again. MANY THANKS TO IZABELLA BRUGIONI FOR SCORING THE PERMIT! Because the county building downtown burned last October, it would have been extremely difficult for me to get the permit on my own.

And so, without further delay (drum roll, please!), here are the specs!! MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

- Sunday, March 21st from 11am to 3pm, ritual at noon
- LaBagh Woods, Grove 1, sheltered and semi-private, with flush bathroom priviledges
- Entrance located just north of Foster on Cicero in Chicago
- Near plenty of public transportation and I-90/94
- $5 per participant, a potluck dish to share (please try for healthy yet tasty!) and a basket for each child to collect eggs - No glass bottles, please
- drumming is ok, but no amplification
- dress for the weather

There are so many exciting things already planned for this year, and a few changes as well. PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES! Yes, there will be prizes, and possibly another raffle. HUNDREDS of plastic candy- and prize ticket-filled eggs will be there, plus games and other activities. I'll be cutting back on the sugared drinks this year, as I have personally lost over 30lbs be getting it out of my system.

This year's childrens' ritual is already being planned, and geared to be more child-led than ever before! We will need a couple teens to assist with parent's permission, of course (no adults will run the ritual at all this year!). It will again have the seed planting focus, but with veggie instead of flower growing. That will make the caring for the plant linger on a little longer, and be available for harvest and giving thanks later on in the year.

I will be re-introducing the bird seed Goddess labrynith, but with a lot more bird seed this time. That way, it can actually be walked and not just admired ;)

We are going to forgo the basket making, since it never did go over as well as it should have (too chilly to sit and work on crafts), so we're asking folks to just bring a basket (a few will be provided for the forgetful). If you think we should go back to making them, or if you have another suggestion, let me know.

Also, thanks to some delinquents, there ARE no fireplaces left in Cook County - they have all been bricked up. So we're asking if anyone has a portable fireplace to bring to help keep little hands warm (no generators or propane allowed). We have one confirmed, but at least one more to keep folks comfortable.

Finally, I will be needing assistance in hiding the eggs, first aid, as well as set up and tear down. If someone would like to volunteer to offer face painting, that's fine as well!

Thank you all for making the last two memorable, and in advance for your assistance and merriment!

Take care,
Lori Dake
(773) 368-6750

ps. Mike Seeber has also asked me to run the kids' room at his convention in late November, and I of course was more than happy to. If anyone would like to help me with that, let me know.

Help Badly Needed
This is an email that was sent to the Chi-PP email group. If you are interested, please CALL LORI DAKE at (773) 368-6750.

    I've been thinking about this for a while now, and it's probably long overdue. This group has been online for a touch over 2 years now, and my periodic news just isn't cutting it.

    Would anyone like to help the Chi-PP online group? Not that the group needs moderation, but just someone caring enough to welcome the new members and keep up with the discussions. This group isn't extremely busy by any means, so it's not a huge duty. But I feel that we've grown big enough to not require a monarchy.

    What I'm looking for is someone whom I've met personally, which shouldn't be hard ;) (Whip me with a wet noodle, but I just can't see offering operational status to someone who I haven't related to in person on a one-on-one level).

    The person should be able to be online at least once a week, which up until the last year, I was able to do. And, the person should be able to leave his or her personal baggage at home. This is the last place on Earth that I want to see holding WitchWars.

    Also, the person should keep in mind this more than just another Pagan list, and more than another parenting list. This is a local Pagan parenting list :) So forwards and things are more than welcome, and personal insight is wonderful, and being a shoulder to lean on is perfectly okay as well :) I do have to object to Spam, chain letters (no matter how well-intentioned) and any form of flame. Constructive criticism is perfectly acceptable, and I personally feel is necessary for growth. :)

    Finally, the same person or others are more than welcome to assist in maintaining the Chi-PP website, as well as offer to help in planning the kids' meets, as well as future SpiralScouts meets, which will be starting back up at Mabon.

    This group has grown immensely over the last two years, and in fact has grown outside of my meager abilities. My personal goal is to stick with it full-time for another three years or so, and be able to hand over the major resposibilities to others. I do not, nor have ever, wanted to be the Big Cheese in this quest for Chicagoan Pagan Family Unity. I have plenty of other things to fuel my ego, thanks ;)

    Just as any mom has to one day kiss their children good-bye as they start their own families, so must I one day. And when the time is right, I will happily hand over the reins to others who can ride this coach into the next decade.

    If you think you're this special someone, please CALL ME at (773) 368-6750 (and again, be patient with the phone).

    Take care,

The Chi-PP Store is up and running!!! We truly hope you will enjoy shopping for your ritual as well as spiritual needs with them through our link, as you will be helping us offer more and more events for Chicago's Pagan youth. Please go to Azure Green's website through this link. The Chi-PP will receive 10% of all sales.

Also, check out our new shirts! The fronts say, "We make magick happen!" below a green child's handprint with a pentacle in the center. The backs say, "Chi-PP's Pagan Kids Club".

Sweats, T's, mouspads and sweats all bear our logo, and your purchase earns the Chi-PP $1 per sale.

Join the Chi-PP and keep up to date on any events planned, as well as chirp in for the conversations :)

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