Take a gander at the photos from our meet by clicking on one of the pics to the left or right. Everyone had a wonderful time at the Nature Center! Below is the info from our first meet.

If you think your kids would like to do things like this, feel free to join us at our next scheduled event, or simply join the Chi-PP!

Winter Solstice Concert and Festival - Saturday, December 9, 2000 - 6 to 9 pm - FREE!
Chicago-area Pagan Parenting E-Group: Join Now! Come join us for our first meet! Children of all ages are welcome. Just be sure the tykes take a nap before attending, since it is in the evening. Events of this nature will follow, with ideas and feedback directly from you! Perhaps for the next holiday, Imbolc/Candlemas, we could have a candlemaking party! Email me at me@doomdiva.com with any questions or suggestions you may have! Image found at Sanfords.Net

North Park Nature Center
5801 North Pulaski Road
Chicago, Illinois 60646

Center's Description...
The Nature Center on a quiet winter night - what a peaceful way to welcome the season! Although the winter solstice is actually on December 21, we've chosen this evening to sample chestnuts roasted on the fire, make edible ornaments for preserve animals, listen to seasonal music, and take a walk along trails lit by luminaries. All are invited to this free festival.

Updated November 19th, 2000
Please either email me at me@doomdiva.com or call me (Lori) at 773/645-8464 by December 2nd so I can let the Nature Center have an estimate of how many folks to expect. It's not mandatory, but it is appreciated.

Updated November 14th, 2000
The Nature Center asks if we could eat before we come, so please show up with full tummies! However, it would probably be a good idea to bring snacking stuff, especially for the little ones.

I also wanted to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone! My mailbox is overflowing from interested folks from literally all over the country! I hope this inspires other communities to follow suit, so that the next generation will be 10x stronger!

Please visit again for any future updates.

Driving and Public Trans Directions
Directions are below, provided by Yahoo! and a Limo driver's daughter ;)

If you would like to offer carpooling (and be a part of the pollution solution!), email me at me@doomdiva.com with an area you wouldn't mind picking up people from. And yes, there is ample parking available, but on a first-come, first served basis.

Dont be a Grinch! Please join us!
From the north:

Take the 94 (Edens) south to Peterson, head east to Pulaski, then turn right (heading south) to the Nature Center (on your left).

From the south:

Get onto the 90-94 and head north. Be sure you merge RIGHT when the split comes up near Montrose. Get off at the Peterson exit and follow the directions above.

From the west:

Take the Eisenhower to the 90/94 junction, then follow the "from the south" directions.

Public Trans:

Taxi cabs:
Taxi cabs generally do not encircle this part of the city. Not because it's a bad part of town (FAR from it!), but because they tend to hang around more populated areas. Also, should you decide to call one to pick you up, please be prepared to wait anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, as not all drivers are radio dispatched. Therefore, please plan accordingly. Also, they just had a fare increase, so be ready to pay a little more!

Bus routes:
The #53 Pulaski bus runs 24/7 from Peterson to 31st/Komenski.
The #84 Peterson bus runs until about 8pm on Saturdays from The Metra Chicago/Fox Lake Line to the "Red Line" L.
The #92 Foster bus runs until about 8pm on Saturdays from Jefferson Park "Blue Line" to the "Red Line" L.
Adult fares are $1.50, $1.80 with transfer (2 extra trips within 2 hours), children and seniors are only 75¢ (unsure of transfer price). Remember: drivers have no change, so call the RTA Hotline (see below) before you leave if you are unsure.
Purchase Bus and Train rider passes here with applicable discounts!

Metra train routes:
Metra is accessible from the Chicago/Fox Lake line (Metra Milwaukee District North) and heading west, using one of the above buses, or from the Chicago/Kenosha line (Metra Union Pacific North) and heading east, using one of the bus routes above.
Don't forget: Metra is $5 per adult all weekend, unlimited rides and up to four kids 12 and under per adult are free!
Only monthly and 10-ride passes may be purchased over the Internet

More information is available by calling the RTA Travel Information Hotline at (312) 836-7000.
(hint: hit the # key and 0 to go right to an agent!)

CTA Bus and Train Schedules (needs Adobe to view) or Metra Train Schedules Back to the Chi-PP or How It All Started

The North Park Nature Center nor the City of Chicago are affiliated with the Chi-PP, nor is this meet (or the group) a recognized organization by either. Please call me (Lori) at 773/645-8464 if you have any questions.

Images from various sources. Please advise if you would appreciate credit or have them removed.