Priority System?
Once all the prep work is done, you will finally get to log into the company's system. Since most companies work on the priority scale, you should expect no calls to be forwarded to you right away. Most priorities start at 2000, though some systems like to cut you a deal at 1500 (the lower the better - like golf) if you log in right away.

Here is how the priority system works:

You received 7 calls. The times for the calls are as follows:

These 7 calls totalled 164 minutes. This averages 23.43 minutes, or 23 minutes. This is considered a decent average, so you should see your priority number decrease. Anything less than a 10 minute average is considered "bad". If a daily average continues to stay under 10 minutes, you may be asked to resign.

The times that will really make or break you with a priority scale are weekend evenings, and especially at midnight Sunday/Monday morning EST. Other good times are during the soap operas (basically, when the tv commercials are running). Your first month or so, you should be having that phone on as much as humanly possible to get your priority to 400-500. After that, it's just a matter of maintaining that priority level.

After you have a good priority level to maintain, you can really start working any hours you like. I preferred mornings/afternoons, which was the time between dropping off and picking up my son from the bus stop. The phone had brief breaks between calls at that those times with my priority level, so I was able to do a little housework while I waited for the calls.

Remember, if you are not able to answer a call for ANY reason (this includes bathroom breaks), log off the system! Not answering a call can result in your dismissal. I know, it's a pain in the butt dialing in the numbers for a whopping 2 minutes, but you never really know when a call will be coming your way!

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