Rate Of Pay
The $12 an hour deal is not exactly correct, at least in the sense you are probably familiar with. What it actually boils down to $0.20 for every minute you spend talking to a caller. If you do not receive a call, you do not get money. Even if you are logged onto the system, you still need to be physically speaking to another person in order to get paid.

In other words, if you were logged on for 4 hours (240 minutes), but the total number of minutes you spent actually talking to callers was only 164, you will be receiving $32.80 and not $48.00. As you can see, everything is run by minutes.

There are also bonuses available, but they depend on the company you are dealing with. Generally, the first bonus occurs after you have spent roughly 12 talk-time hours within a two-week period. There may also be bonuses available for the top people of the week, and others. Those who work the phones as a career depend on the bonuses as part of their regular pay.

Also, you *will* get the $32.80 mentioned earlier, since you will become an independent (sub) contractor for the company. This means you will be held accountable for doing your own taxes (quarterly vs. annually), your own insurance policies and anything else you may have had an employer take care of for you in the past.

From what I understand, any gross earnings you make that total less than $600 in one tax year does not have to be filed or otherwise claimed. However, I'm not a CPA or anything, so I highly advise you to double-check that with a tax lawyer.

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