Pagans and Hotlines
There are quite a few people who make a living doing this... working a steady 8 hours a day. And yes, many of the people who work for these psychic lines are Pagan. So how does this tie in with what you may have heard about the ethics involved about using Tarot, Astrology and such for monetary gain? To me, it's simple. I was feeding my family on the money I earned, and I was not getting rich off of it. Anyone who says it's against the Rede or whatever is full of it, IMHO. Well-known Pagans out there such as Z Budapest are known to earn money from doing tarot readings, so why can't you?

I also felt good about my job, since I ended up becoming a psychiatrist of sorts. People need an outlet for their problems, and alot of times, you end up being that outlet. So, if you have any question about what your job has to do with the Rede, consider all the people you help along the way.

I hope for your sake I haven't deterred you from working for a hotline. I have no real qualms with the companies that exist, except for the fact that you really don't find out what's involved until you have invested alot of time and some money into your new job.

I'm always willing to answer any questions you may have about working for a hotline. Feel free to drop me a mail and I'll reply promptly. Thank you.

NOTE: No companies are mentioned for legal reasons, which I am sure you can understand. If you have not been approached by a representative of a hotline company and wish to join their team, e-mail me privately and I will give you a few references for you to explore.

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