Subjects Don't forget to visit here!

    ABC Mommy and Me- What a neat site for little ones! You click on a letter and it says what it is, captial and small. You need Flash for sound and graphics.

    Spell Check- Test your spelling accuracy against the computer. Good for all spellers, young and old.

    Start Write- A program that allows you to create and print out worksheets for print and cursive writing and also numbers. It also features activities to use your child's new talent. There's a free demo, but the product costs $49.95. Geared for beginner writers.

    Literary Calendar- Find out what "literally" happened on today's date. Great for introducing new authors, and to begin discussions.
    The Read-In- Targets children through young adults with the encouragement to read. Many well-known authors represented!

    How to Write a Book Review- Very useful way to teach kids how to write about what they just read. Probably gearded for 6-10 year olds.

    Creative Writing
    StoryQuest- This Medieval ThinkQuest Junior "quest" will teach you tricks to becoming a better writer. It also includes mad-libs and links to some great authors. Probably for 6-12 year olds.

    Learning to Count
    BabyCenter: Article- "How and When Should I Teach My Child Her Numbers?". Explains simple ideas that maybe you haven't considered. 1 year and up.

    Basics (+, -, x, )
    Flash Cards- Simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. Geared for 6-8 year olds.
    Learning Multiplication Facts-Just what the title says :) Probably for 8-10 year olds.

    Place Values
    Number Expo- Type in any number and see how it is expressed in place value, written notation, and expanded form. 6-8 year olds.

    Roman Numerals
    Roman Numerals and Dates- Learn how to write Roman numerals or covert dates into Roman form. Includes histories of the Roman calendar and numerals. Best for students 8-10 years old.

    Charts and Graphs
    Picture It!- A game that's designed to recognize different types of graphs. Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to print out the activity sheets. Recommended for children 12 and up.

    Visual Fractions- An on-line tutorial that offers instruction and practice in identifying fractions, and operating on fractions. Also included are four games and a resource page. All examples are modeled with number lines. For 8-10 year olds.

    Geometry- This site goes from basic to complicated. I can see it used for 12 year olds to adults!

    Algebra, Calculus, Trig and More
    SOS Math- A free resource for math review material from Algebra to Differential Equations! The perfect study site for high school, college students and adult learners.

    The History Channel- There is no way I could *not* include this site! Anytime, anyplace - this site has info on it! Of course, some material is more appropriate for older children due to topics. History isn't always pretty.

    Social Studies
    Cultural Connections- This site is chock full of information about how other people live. I think it's very important, especially for Pagan children, to know about the rest of the world :) All age levels.

    Maps and Globes- Wonderful site to help your children learn about where places are. Complete with quizzes and projects. Any age group can find this useful.

    Ancient History
    HyperHistory- Wow! An amazing clickable chart covering 3,000 years of world history! Ok for children 10 and up (more vague on "unpleasanttries").
    Reaching Out: The Evolution of Communication- And AT&T thought they had this cornered! This site covers cave drawings, alphabets, human languages, computers, writing, and much much more! Ages 8 and up

    Modern History
    Modern World History- Learn about it from people who are around to tell about it! Make sure you have Shockwave to really get the full effect, though it's not necessary. Recommended for students 12 and up (deals with The Holocaust, ect.)

    e-Field Trip to the U.N.- And not just that: plenty of info for kids to learn how the system works :) 10 years old and up.

    Oyez Oyez Oyez- Take a tour of the Court, meet the Justices, or listen to cases being presented. Great for kids who are studying for their U.S. and State tests. I'd say it's best for 10 year olds and up.

    Science for Kids- Great for children of all ages. Every aspect of scientific study and fun projects imaginable! The opening page is an image map, so click on a point of interest.
    The Lab- The Aussies did a wonderful job of making the subject hands-on fun, and pretty silly, too. Lots of things to do, and learn about from their neck of the woods. Appropiate for all ages.

    Grammar Cat- Learn basics of grammar including verbs, nouns, and determiners like a, some, and many. In multiple languages, and you can't go wrong with a black cat as your guide! For all reading ages.

    Favorite Poem Project- Read (and watch!) the submissions, or submit your own favorite. Also great for inspiration!

    Little Explorers- Great for early learning. It offers a picture dictionary, plus translations to English-French, English-German, English-Portuguese, and English-Spanish.

    Windows to the Universe- Though created from a secular viewpoint, this site offers some really great information on the Gods and Goddesses! Probably for pre-teens and up.

    Pagan Kids- Geared for younger children, it explains what exactly a Pagan is, and the holidays we celebrate. Also offers activities.
    Witchvox Teens- This is more appropriate for young adults who already know a touch of what Paganism really is, and offers some great networking, too.

    Yahoo! Listing: Denominations and Sects- Since no path is the *right* path, I have listed what Yahoo! offers. It's a *huge* listing of what denominations and sects are out there, and each section has plenty of information.

    Islam Guide- While this site has a slight slant on Islamic beliefs, it is the best one out there for non-Muslims who wish to further their understandings. Recommended for students over 14.

    BuddhaNet- Delightful website for those searching as well as those of the many denominations. Plenty to see and do here! Ages 10 and up.

    Judaism 101- Informative for non-Jews, and actually quite interesting! Ages 10 and up

    Hindu Kids Universe- Yes! A definite must-see for the youngins. Very informative, and pretty fun, too! Children as young as 8 will have a blast learning about Hinduism, and may even have a new slant for their own path!

Fine Arts
      Music Heritage Network- Features virtual tours (one is a pow-wow!) and a comprehensive online musical encyclopedia. Brought to you by the School of Music at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Ages 5 - 18.

      Introduction to Reading Music- Great reference to learning sheet music. A definite launchpad for kids that want to learn an instrument. Ages 8 and up.

      The Music Room- Chock full of resources for all musical periods in history. 8 and up.

      History and Appreciation
      Image Galleries and Exhibitions- This comprehensive link page from ArtsEdNet is a good kick-off point for any art interest. You may want to view the material yourself before offering it for your child, since some artwork you may find to be inappropriate. Outside of that, I think it's ok for all ages.

      Incredible Art Dept: Favoriet Lessons- Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Now I linked you directly to the lessons section, which is mostly 2-D (some 3-D also). But feel free to go to their main area to see all of what this site has to offer! All ages!

      3-D and Crafts
      Yahoo! Arts and Crafts- Call me lazy, but I really didn't want to exclude anything! This listing has categories about corn dollies, candlemaking, soapmaking... wait, does this mean you might want to check this out, too? *g* Various ages.

      Children's Creative Theater Guide- Learn all about the history of theater, its terms, and games that will teach you more about acting. Appears to be geared for 6-12 years olds.

      The Singing Voice- Provides detailed information, history and links about the human voice, opera and the art of singing. 8 and up.

      The Singing Voice-

      And They Kept On Dancing- Let this site dance you through ballet, jazz, tap, modern, and folk dance basics. Learn simple moves, history, and facts on famous dancers. All ages!

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