What's Expected
Subjects listed on the following page are what's expected by a majority of public schools. If you are home/unschooling, please refer to the NHEN's listing of requirements for your state. (Illinois seems pretty lax on the issue compared to other states.)

Generally, children are suppost to be in the learning mode for 188 days, with each day being 5 hours. This totals 940 hours. The way I see it, children are learning whenever they're presented information, which is every waking hour!

Please note this is merely online information I found to be helpful. Of course, some of these subjects are geared towards teens, so you may want to review the information yourself before introducing your child to it.

Oh and PLEASE go to this site if your children are anywhere from 5-12! Harcourt School. This site takes a minute to load due the INCREDIBLE amount of study guides! It fills in my many blanks :) The older ones will appreciate Academic Info for their study references.

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