The Tree of Life The Qaballah is a system Jewish Rabbis have been using for thousands of years to explain the acts of man, as well as to achieve oneness with the Godhead. If you are a Gentile (anything other than Jewish), under 40 years of age, or especially a woman, this information was not only banned to you, but you shouldn't even know this exists!

The Tree of Life represents all that is humanity; as above, so below. Each circle (called a sepirath, plural is sepira) represents one major aspect of man. The lines, (paths) represent the ways the sepira are connected. There are ten sepira and twenty-two paths. From the top, Kether (the Godhead), to the bottom, Malkuth (the Kingdom), one aspect influences the other.

Click on the Tree to begin its basic tour. Each page gives general information on the sepira and paths. By clicking on each page's image of the Tree, you will be transported to the next section. Otherwise, use the "Jump To" located on the bottom of each page.

You can correlate the Qaballah into your spellwork by knowing what the sepira and paths represent. It gets into astrology and tarot, as well as basic color schemes and elements.

Please note: this section is the bare basics; enough for you to use in spellwork. Should you find the Qaballah interesting enough to study further, I suggest a book entitled, "777 and Other Qaballistic Writings". It was originally writted by Crowley, but has got through some updating and editing over the years. Very helpful for Me!

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[Kether: 1] [Chokmah: 2] [Binah: 3] [Chesed: 4] [Geburah:5]
[Tipareth: 6] [Netzach: 7] [Hod: 8] [Yesod] [Malkuth: 10]

[Aleph (A): 11] [Beth (B) (V): 12] [Gimel (G) (Gh): 13] [Daleth (D) (Dh): 14] [He (H): 15]
[Vau (O) (U) (V): 16] [Zain (Z): 17] [Cheth (Ch): 18] [Teth (T): 19] [Yod (I) (Y): 20]
[Kaph (K) (Kh): 21] [Lamed (L): 22] [Mem (M):23] [Nun (N): 24] [Samekh (S): 25]
[A'ain (Aa) (Ngh): 26] [Pe (P) (Ph): 27] [Tzaddi (Tz): 28] [Qoph (Q): 29] [Resh (R): 30]
[Shin (S) (Sh): 31] [Tau (T) (Th): 32]

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