Basic Spellwork
Many will say you do not need "props" to do magick, but it helps to set the tone, prepare you, as well as put forth more energy. With that said, I should note I don't do any spellwork on a whim unless it's necessary. Anything I do magickally is carefully drawn out, noting the finest details, in order to make My spells successful! Therefore, I will never list any spells I have done, or even write one for another person. I feel that it's up to the individual to do his or her own work. Besides, the more energy you put into your spell, the better the outcome. However, I will list the basics of what goes with what. From there, you can go ahead and do the work yourself :)

I've listed as much information as I could muster in which you can use a combination of any correctly matching item below. Should you be performing a spell on a day that's not exactly the day that rules your intention, you can alternate between both. Information I am presenting to you is a sample of My own diary, nearly bursting at the seams (LOL!) If you are serious, then your diary should be as such in time as well.

There are (so far) three sections for you to view:

Mix and Match Chart Basic Qaballah Horoscopes

Please note this is not a "Paganism 101" class. There are hundreds more sites out there which have that information.