The Gluttonous Barbeque Bonanza!

We barbecue for Summer Solstice as well as the 4th of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day. I find large meals of any sort a great way to get together with people and actually *talk* to one another! Ha! What a concept! :)

If you need ideas for your next get-together, potluck or barbeque, this is it! I've written down everything I could muster - from how to light a grill to what to make for dessert. Feel free to email me with your own ideas. But please, don't send me something you pulled out of a magazine or off another site. Thanks

If you would like to see an extensive list of grilling tips I suggest, please click here.

Also, check out my idea for the perfect centerpiece!

Garbage Salad! Potato Salad
Macaroni Salad Cole Slaw
Nacho Bean Dip French Onion Dip
Herbal Sun Tea Lemonade
Devilled Eggs Chorus Line Chicken
Apple Cobbler Rice Krispies Cake
Whipped Fruity Jello

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