This sauce is not only good for spaghetti, but for pizzas, stuffed peppers, meatball sandwiches and more! You can also use this in place of plain old tomato sauce. (And guess what mom, kids love it!)

This is an all-day project, but it's worth it! That's why I recommend using this recipie as something to make and store for future use.

My All-Purpose Red Sauce

Simmer in large pot for at least 6 hours until desired thickness, stirring occationally and crushing tomatoes along the way. Store remaining sauce for future use. Of course, feel free to add or knock off what I recommend! After all, you'll be eating it, not Me :)
Remember: herbs are easier to add more to than spices. Go easy on the salt, pepper and garlic if you're not familiar with using them! Oh - and fennel seeds might give you gas 0:)