Rants, Raves and Updates - (last updated May 19, 2001)
I haven't written in an awful long while, and it's sad, because I really do like to. So, now that I have half a chance whilst barbequing some really tender serloins, I'll drop in a few notes :)

Well, next Saturday I wil be speaking in front of a TON of people at the Pagan Expo regarding the Chi-PP, Spiral Scouts, and to drum interest for other parenting Pagans to do the same in their areas. I tell you what... I'm SCARED TO DEATH! I've never done anything like this before, and I am just praying to the Higher Ups that I don't look like a total jack-ass in front of so many important people. Sure, people are sending me their votes of confidence, and I've gotten alot of good advice, and I even have exactly what I want to wear (summer casual, yet not *too* casual!). It's just that somehow I don't feel like I can do this. Thank Godz Ron (my husband) said he's coming; I don't think I would feel even half as confident as I do now (do I?) if he couldn't.

Let's see, what else. Oh yeah... since I just can't get online as much as I like to anymore, I started a newsletter for the Chi-PP to keep everyone updated, as well as drum up some new stuff for people to talk about :) It's actually alot of fun, I can jot down stuff here and there without having to be online until it gets mailed off, and so far, people seem to like the new feature.

Oh yeah, about my job... I love it! As some of you know, I started working for a collections firm downtown back in January. The work is constantly pouring in, but I really don't mind, because making big piles into little ones really does give you a sense of satisfaction at the end of the day. And yeah, the benefits are nice, too ;) I think what I like best is that I wear pretty much whatever I want (no Slayer shirts, but that's about it hehe). I get an hour lunch that I take whenever I feel hungry (usually around 2pm), and on nice days, I take my lunch outside over by the art museum and enjoy its "back yard". Everyday, I have to drop off the deposits, which as long as the weather ain't terrible, is also cool, because it's yet another chance to get away from the office ;) The people I work with for the most part are decent folks, and I really do have a sense of importance now!

Oh, and this I did want to mention as well. Now that Ron is doing better at his job money-wise, and I'm doing better, so we've been taking advantage of our good fortune. I've been using my exrta money towards Chi-PP stuff, like the Ostara egg hunt we had. I really am grateful to the Higher Ups for it all.

Two things I want to point out: the good as well as the bad. The good thing is, I've really gotten this site to move along quite nicely :) There's plenty more to come, I assure you, but it's starting to get to a phase I can deem it worthy hehe.

Now the bad stuff :( And I mean REALLY bad! I had the unfortunate experience to witness kiddie porn first-hand. It's something you always hear about, but you never expect to see it for yourself. Well, I did. I did what I thought I was suppost to do and call the police. That was 2 weeks ago and I have not heard from them since.

It's obvious to me that no one really cares what happened to these poor babies :( And to see for yourself, should you dare, just jump on E-Groups and type in "young boys" for a search query. The first page alone should shock you, not to mention to notice how many "members" (sleezeballs!) are out there shapping this!

I still have my own group, Chicago Pagan Parents, on E-Groups and will remain so until the group gets a decent enough following, or until members request the move themselves.

UGH! The site's been up about two weeks now and it's still not exactly where I want it to be. I have been checking up on the poll (on the main page) with your suggestions and have been typing My fingers to the bone! Folks, it's going to be a long ride, but I can see alot of good things happening. Once I add more features, I'm dropping the ticker on the top frame for more room. Maybe I'll move it someplace else. Much more seriousness and goofiness to come! Stay tuned!

After over 35 hours straight of designing this site, rewriting from saved files from My old site - it looks like it's almost done *weary, dreay-eyed*. Stop by again to check up on new features, and of course, drop in your posts in the message board! I'd love to see that moving!!

"What's with all the listings of 'more to come' on the top frame bar?", you may have asked yourself. I just opened this site up, so I'm using the tags there to give Me an idea of what kind of room I have without adding another scroll bar. Godz I hate those things!!

Yes, I've moved yet again! I did like My former home on Chicago Rock, but the server was/is having serious problems, so here I am! If you miss the old site, you may read old guestbook entries, which contain a total of 216 entries.

As I was writing this, I realized I've had quite a few homes! This site has existed on the following servers:

AIS.net, ML.org, Prodigy, GeoCities, AO-Hell and ChicagoRock.com

It makes me feel like I shouldn't even bother to unpack!

You may notice on this edition I've cut back on the black. I've found there's actually some of you who need to print out My information. Thus, I've decided to retain Drak.net's background style for a more uniform appearance, as well as creating easier pages to print. This is also why My site is unusually void of intense graphics.

While I am adding information, I will not be concerning Myself with awards, banners, and (sigh) Lady Death images. I may add some in the future, but for now, you will just have to amuse yourselves with My text until that time comes.

Also, you may have noticed that yes, this site is in frames. All I have to say is this: while I have loathed frames in the past, I've grown too large to keep a non-frames format for My site. I've worked very hard to ensure no one gets "trapped in a frame", which I despise more than anything! If you cannot view My site anymore, it means you need to grow up a bit and conform. Therefore, I do not wish to get angry emails regarding the format change - I will discard them without a response. However, if I have made an error such as trapping you in a frame, let Me know.

What's that you say about My gripe with AOL? Well after over three years of faithful patronage to their service, they deleted ALL of My files uploaded onto their server due to some minor offense which I unknowingly commited.

It seems one of My many links had either changed their theme or added to it that AOL frowns upon. My petty crime was being linked to a so-called "hacking" site, which I stress I had no idea I had done so. Without any prior warning, I came to discover not only they had removed the "offensive material" from My site, but had removed EVERYTHING I had uploaded and threatened to cancel My account!

May this be a warning to all of you: if you use a provider such as America Online, "America's #1 Service Provider" (*cough*) that censors their users' content, be wary of who you link to and check your links often. Also, those of you who choose to offer such a site should make mention of its content upfront. This also qualifies if you decide to add such material to your site.

It's never been my position to say what is right or wrong, even though I am a Goddess and have the power to do so, but just be a little considerate of others, won't you?

I have had the "experience" of having my telephone service tapped into, and used for placing overseas phone sex calls. Should you be curious, feel free to read the letter I had written to over 400 email recipients, as well as all of Chicago's local news networks. I highly advise you to read the letter, since this situation could happen to anyone who has a telephone!