Pagan Dollars
I'm sure you've heard the expression, "Money is the root of all evil." Is that true? No one can argue money touches nearly every aspect of modern society, but is it "evil", or even the root of it?

A couple months ago, I was shuffling through my purse to dig up some bus fare, when I happened to glance at one of the dollars I scrounged up. I looked at the front of the dollar, and a pentacle was on George Washington's face, with a message above, stating, "Pagan Dollar". Boy was I surprised! Not only did this give me 100% proof I wasn't the only one, but that there was someone else somewhere in the city who was, too. Perhaps just someone just filling up gas and heading back to whereever he or she is originally from. Since I couldn't remember where the dollar came from, I couldn't be sure. Even so, I thought it was a wonderful idea.

This Pagan Dollar made a profound statement to me. It let whoever was the next person to receive the dollar know that a Pagan had it in his or her pocket. It reminded me that we, as Pagans, are truly part of the global community. We work, we raise families, we vote, we pay taxes - WE COUNT!

It also sent an important message to those who may shun us, consider our opinions invalid or are merely misinformed. It said that while not every Pagan is out of the "broom closet", we are ever-present, nonetheless. It also said to those who disapprove of our beliefs that we are out there and earning dollars just like everyone else. We repair cars, we build homes, we teach children, we patrol the streets, we manage businesses, we serve the country and we run the companies you may have stock in. And since we do all this and more, we are to be regarded as equal citizens, whose opinions are just as valid as the next person's.

By Law I cannot tell you to also place a pentacle over Washington and write "Pagan Dollar" above it. I cannot even suggest for you to include "and Goddess" in the quote "In God We Trust". However, I wouldn't be upset if you did. I also wouldn't be offended if you cashed in all of your currency to singles and stamped each and every dollar that passed through your fingers. No, I wouldn't mind in the least.

So yes, there are indeed Pagan dollars. And after you have read this message, maybe you will be the next person to distribute them. Oh, and if you're wondering what I did with the dollar I received, I put it in the fare box. I had enough money that I could have kept it for myself. I could have framed it and hung it up in my home, because I really did think it was a neat thing. I could have even scanned it and posted what's allowed by Law on the Internet. I didn't do any of those things. I wanted to honor the originator's request that the dollar be passed onto another - to let the next person know that a Pagan once had that dollar.

And that, my friends, proves money is not always the "root of all evil". In this case, it shows how money has touched the lives of others, and is sending out a positive message. After all, the next person to receive a Pagan Dollar might be you!