Religious and Secular Holidays
Being Pagan gives you a whole new list of holidays to celebrate. Each month below lists holidays, both secular and religious. For right now, I am merely listing them. I *promise* I will dive into more details for you! Of course, if I missed something, drop Me a mail and I'll be happy to add it.

Please note holidays such as Easter and Jewish holidays are not listed since they vary year to year. Please refer to the Ecclesiastical Calendar and the B'nai B'rith pages.



1-New Year's Day (e.v.)
2-Advent of Isis
3-Lenaia Festival
3-Pueblo Deer Dances
3-Kalends of January
4-Sacrifice to the Seven Sisters
5-Feast of Befana
5-Twelfth Night
6-Day of the Triple Goddess
8-Old Druid New Year
8-Midwife's Day
10-Day of Freyja
10-Iriquois Feast of Dreams
12-Festival of Sarasvati
13-Feast of Brewing
13-Midwinter's Offering
15-Feast of the Ass
17-Wassailing the Apple Trees
18-Theogamia of Hera
19-Thorrablottar (Husband's Day)
20-Grandmother's Day
22-Festival of the Muses
23-Day of Hathor
24-Blessing of the Candle of the Happy Women
25-Tet (Vietnamese New Year)
27-Day of Ishtar
29-Parade of Unicorns
30-Sementivae Feria
1-Candlemas (Imbolc) Eve
1-Lesser Eleusian Mysteries
2-Candlemas (Imbolc)
2-Brigit's Day
2-Groundhog Day
3-Blessing of the Throats
5-Feast of Ia
7-Feast of Li Chum
8-Star Festival
9-Narvik Sun Pageant
9-Chingay Procession
9-Feast of Apollo
11-Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes
12-Feast of Diana
14-St. Valentine's Day
14-Festival of Love
16-Devil's Dance
(Tibetan New Year)
17-Birth of Kali
18-Spenta Armaiti
20-Day of Tacita
26-Penatgram Night
29-Salem Witch Trials Began
4-Feast of Rhiannon
5-Blesing of the Vessel by Isis
8-Mother Earth Day Festival
15-Festival of Cybele and Attis
17-Festival of Astarte
17-St. Patrick's Day
18-Sheelah's Day
19-St. Joseph's Day
19-Birth of Athena/Minerva
20-Vernal Equinox/Ostara
20-Equinox of the Gods/Thelemic New Year
22-Procession of the Tree Bears
24-Day of Blood
25-Festival of Lady Day
26-Solitude Day
29-Feast of Rhiannon
31-Festival of Luna



1-Festival of Kali
1-April Fool's Day
1-Day of Hathor
1-Birth of Venus
4-Megalisia of Cybele
5-Festival of Good Luck
8,9&10-Three Days of the Writing of the Book of the Law
10-Sun Dance
11-Day of Anahit
14-Festival of Sommersblatt
15-Festival of Bast
22-Festival of Ishtar
22-Earth Day
24-St. Mark's Eve
25-St. Mark's Day
29-Pagan Tree Day
1-Beltaine/May Day
4-Sacred Thorn Day
4-Faerie Day
5-Feast of the Dragon
5-Cinco de Mayo
8-Furry Dance
11-Days of the Ice Saints
12-The Cat Parade
14-Festival of the Midnight Sun
15-Day of Maia
16-Feast of St. Joan of Arc
18-Feast of Twins
23-Rosalia Festival
24-Celebration of the Three Mothers
24-Birth of Artemis/Diana
26-Sacred Well Day
27-Festival of Diana
29-Ambarvalia Festival
30-Festival of the Queen of the Underworld
31-Triple Blessing of Buddah
1-Day of Carna
1-Festival of the Oak Nymph
2-Shabatu of Ishtar
5-Corn Dance
6-Bendida of Bendis
7-Vestalia Festival
8-Festival of Consciousness
14-Lesser Quinquatras
14-Flag Day
16-Silver Chalice Day
16-Night of the Teardrop
17-Festival of Ludi Piscatori
18-Dragon Boat Festival
19-Day of All Heras
20-Midsummer Eve
20-Day of Cerridwen
21-Midsummer/Summer Solstice
23-Day of Cu Chulain
24-St. John's Eve
24-Burning of the Lamps
25-Gay Wiccan Pride Day
27-Anetophoria Festival
29-Bamming the Thorn



2-Festival of Expectant Mothers
3-Green Corn Dance
3-Dog Days Begin
4-Independence Day
5-Aphelion of the Earth
6-Running of the Bulls
7-Consualia Festival
7-Festival of Handmaids
8-Nones of Wild Rigs
9-Panathenea Begins
10-Lady Godiva Day
10-Day of Hel
11-Kronia festival
13-Birth of Osiris
14-Birth of Horus
15-Birth of Set
17-Birth of Isis
18-Birth of Nepthys
20-binding of the Wreaths
21-Mayan New Year
26-Kachina Ceremony
31-Lammas Eve
1-Day of Dryads
1-Lammas/ Lughnasadh
2-Feast of Anahita
6-Feast of Thoth
6-Month of Ghosts
7-Breaking of the Nile
9-Festival of Venus
9-Festival of the Fire Spirits
11-Puck Fair
12-First Night of the Prophet and His Bride
12-Festival of the Lights of Isis
13-Festival of Hecate
14-Day of Burryman
15-Festival of Vesta
17-festival of Diana
19-Vinalia Rustica
21-Consualia Festival
21-Hercalia Festival
23-Nemesca Festival
25-Opseconsiva Festival
26-Feast Day of Ilmatar
27-festival of Krishna
29-Ancient Egyptian New Year
29-Birth of Hathor
29-Pardon of the Sea
30-Charisteria Festival
31-Anant Chaturdasi
2-Grape Vine Festival
3-Lakon Ceremony
4-Changing Woman Ceremony
5-Chauti Festival
7-Healer's Day
8-Feast of the Nativity of Mary
10-Ceremony of the Deermen
11-Day of Queens
13-Ceremony of Lighting the Fire
14-Feast of the Holy Cross
16-Feast of St. Cornely
20-Autumn Equinox
21-Egyptian Feast of the Divine
21-St. Matthew's Day
23-Greater Eleusinia
25-Feast of Pyanopsia
28-Thesmorphia festival
30-Festival of Themis



2-Guiding Spirits Day
7-Sumerian New Year
7-Kermesse Festival
8-Festival of High Places
9-Day of Felicitas
10-Festival of Light
11-Old Lady of the Elder Trees
12-Fortuna Redux
14-Durga Puga
14-Interplanetary Confederation Day
16-Lakshmi Puga
18-Great Horn Fair
19-Sticky-Sticky Fair
21-Day of Ursula
22-Day of Willows
24-Feast of the Spirits of the Air
25-Festival of Han Lu
25-Shoemaker's Day
27-Allan Apple Day
29-Feast of the Dead
30-Angelito's Festival
1-All Saints Day
1-Pomonia Festival
1-Reign of the Old Woman Cailleach
2-All Souls Day
3-Final Day of Isia
5-Turning of the Devil's Boulder
6-Birth of Tiamat
7-Night of Hecate
8-Fuigo Matsuri
10-Old November Eve
11-Old November Day
11-Veteran's Day
11-Day of the Heroes
12-Epulum Jovis in Capitola
14-Feast of the Musicians
15-Feronia Festival
16-Festival of Lights
18-Day of Ardvi
19-Warlock Day
23-Feast of St. Clement
24-Tori-no-Ichi Festival
25-Windmill Blessing Day
29-Feast of Hathor
30-St. Andrew's Night
1-Greater Feast of Crowley
1-Day of Pallas Athena
2-Festival of Broken Needles
5-Poseidea Festival
7-Haloia of Demeter
8-Festival of Ixchel
8-Festival of Neith
10-Lux Mundi Festival
11-Day of Bruma
12-Zorastrian Fire Festival
12-Festival of Our lady of Guadalupe
13-Little Yule/St. Lucia's Day
15-Halcyon Days Festival
15-Festival of Navidades
16-Posadas Soyal Ceremony
18-Feast of Eponalia
19-Opalia Festival
20-The Mother Night 21-Yule/Winter Solstice
23-Day of Hathor
23-Laurentina Ceremony
24-Christmas Eve
25-Christmas Day
26-First Day of Yuletide
27-Birth of Freyja
29-Day of Nymphs
31-New Year's Eve
31-Hogmanay (Scottish New Year)

Other holidays which do not have a fixed date:
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday
President's Day
Arbor Day
Armed Forces Day
Mother's Day
Memorial Day
Father's Day
Labor Day
Columbus Day
Thanksgiving Day
Third Monday in January
Third Monday in February
Last Friday in April
Third Saturday in May
Second Sunday in May
Last Monday in May
Third Sunday in June
First Monday in September
Second Monday in October
Last Thursday in November