This site has been developed over a five-year period. Its intent is to inform the masses as well as entertain them. This site is free to the public, despite his or her religion, gender, race or what have you. Most images on this site (which are not promotional) are 100% designed by Me. If you think otherwise, better mail me about it for a discussion - not a flame war. I also ask those who use the forums to behave in a mature manner, and to give credit where credit is due.

Speaking of credits, here is My list:

  • Drak.Net, for the background. I am using it for the sake of uniformity, in order to match up with their style guestbook and message boards.
  • Chaos! Comics, for Lady Death, and the right for non-commercial sites to use Her image (even though I really doctor them up).
  • EasyScopes.Com, for their astrological symbols (the images) and for the information they provide, which I have linked to in a format similar to theirs. It was not my intention to have that section of my site to appear as I had done the work!
  • All of the really great websites I've viewed over the years and have jotted down information into My diary and have transported here. If I haven't linked you - mail me, or go ahead and link yourself!
  • Finally, people I have met in person that have given me a wealth of information. You know who you are.
  • I would like to thank you, the viewer, for taking the time to stop by, placing your posts and emailing Me with comments and suggestions.

    I would also like to thank the hosts of this server for the space I needed to once again put up My site, especially for the fact that I do not have to bear any advertising I do not wish to have.

    This site was designed using Notepad! I'm not kidding :P Also, graphics were designed using Paint Shop Pro. Everything was done on a beat-up circa '95 Compaq (when Pentium was a new thing!) using Windows 95, with a mere 28.8 modem connected by AOL. See, it is NOT an impossibility!

    Finally, yes my family and I are practicing Pagans, with a strong tendency towards Thelema and Ceremonial Magick. That means we have a religion, and we don't need a conversion today. Thank you.

    PS. The "Find Jesus' area is a JOKE, a mock-conspiracy, not unlike Elvis sightings - you know, humor, sarcasm, ha-ha. If it offended you, then you need to get over yourself!