Updated March 10, 2011

Hello and welcome!

I'm sure if you found me here, you've already come to know a little bit about me from various sources all over the Internet. Allow me to save you the trouble of plugging my name into a search engine by providing links of where you can find me. In spite of my identity theft fears and attempts in the past of keeping things on the downlow, I've come to realize that just isn't possible. Please however keep in mind my beliefs and personality are my own and is no way indicitive of anyone else in my life, including my son. He's rather normal by societal standards, and I do sometimes feel a bit bad for him to have a Pagan/Metal Chick for a mom. I can't imagine it being very easy.

  • Rotting Corpse Records - Our record label, named for my husband's love of zombie movies and Metal music.
  • Pagan Newswire Collective - Warriors & Kin contributor page, which is the Pagan Military bureau of PNC.
  • LiveJournal - My personal blog and my Pagan camping blog.
  • The Witches Voice - My profile with article links I submitted there.
  • Magick TV - Watch me on YouTube here as well as at this location.
  • Chicago Sun-Times - This is the Samhain/Halloween article me the my guys were featured in back in 2002.
  • A-Z Homes Cool - My homeschooling article regarding working from home and and the one about helping homeschooled kids enlist with the Army.
  • Plan Jam - My profile for the many articles I submitted there.
  • Suite 101 - My profile for the several articles I submitted for them as well.

  • That should give you some good leads about me. If you'd like to know more, well then allow me to go further into depth, in no particular order:

  • Chicago native, with the hard-voweled accent to prove it.
  • IQ of 152, based on MENSA's home test. I took it to find out for myself if I truly am "gifted", but I really don't care about that, as I don't see how it makes much of a difference in my day to day.
  • Attended thirteen schools including college: Public, private, urban and rural.
  • Double major in art and education with a minor in computer science. I have never really used any of it in a professional (read: for pay) manner for employers, outside of odd side projects. I prefer to use my talents for my own projects.
  • Spent nearly a decade working as a paralegal for a downtown law firm, serving directly under the main litigation attorney. In other words, I can read and understand a basic contract.
  • Classically trained artist and musician, though I'm far from any kind of artistic genuis. I think my husband is much better in both regards, and he learned both on his own.
  • Worked for many companies, including a pool table showroom, a Catholic convent and retreat house, an amusement park, some gas stations, threw papers out of my car, did Tarot readings for a psychic hotline and even hustled candy in bars. (Actually, I made very good money hustling in the bars to where it paid for my class trip to Washington D.C.)
  • Prefers blue collared folks to polished professionals, though I can most definitely blend in if needbe.
  • Dislikes include coffee, most SciFi, anime, (think they) know-it-alls and militants. I am also arachnophobic.
  • Prefers sleeping with the lights on, at least the TV, and the door open. It drives my husband crazy.
  • ENFJ Myers-Briggs profile, which I understand is very rare among Pagans. That explains a lot!
  • Loves cats but is allergic to them. Fortunately, we resuced our cat from a tweaked-out druggie only a couple weeks old, so I developed a tolerance for his dander.
  • Vegetarian but will pick out the meat if that's what everyone else is having. I don't like to make a big deal about it.
  • Love to cook, especially for large groups of people. And yes, I will cook meat for them and am told I'm quite good at it.
  • Love to drive and would cheerfully accept a job that allowed me to permanently live on the road.
  • Has a few vices namely smoking and sweets. Yes, I know they're bad for me, but I don't need my mom to nag me about it.
  • Minimal social drinker but is a very social person.
  • Doesn't like to talk shop when work is done. There's a fine line between networking and ruthless self-promotion, and I'm quick to alert when I'm about to conduct the latter.
  • Chaotic Netural class in real life, Lawful Evil when I get my game on.
  • A "Blue Dog" Democrat if political classification is a must. I am socially liberal to moderate, fiscally conservative. I call it following common sense instead of what looks good on paper.

  • And of course, here's the info on my new book, A Guide to Pagan Camping: Festival Tips, Tricks and Trappings

    A Guide to Pagan Camping:
    Festival Tips, Tricks and Trappings

    List Price: $12.95
    6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
    Black & White on White paper
    224 pages

    Rotco Media
    ISBN-13: 978-0615456270
    ISBN-10: 0615456278
    BISAC: Body, Mind & Spirit/Witchcraft & Wicca

    Composed over nearly a decade, A Guide to Pagan Camping is finally available - just what the Community’s been waiting for! This book travels beyond the basics in order to encourage more Magical folk to bid adieu to their mundane lives and dance beneath the stars.

    Written by a true camping pro, A Guide to Pagan Camping makes primitive camping and temporary community building appear incredibly easy and intensely fun. This isn’t your daddy’s boring and nit-picky camping book!

    Features in A Guide to Pagan Camping include:

  • Deciding which festivals best suit your needs and match your budget.
  • Choosing what gear to bring and why, all while keeping it simple, comfortable and stylish.
  • Locating the optimal campsite and transforming it into a true Covenstead.
  • Presenting a Pagan workshop, performing a musical act, which workshifts to choose and how (and what) to vend.
  • Owning your spirituality and personal ethics while respecting those of others.
  • Handling complex personalities and egos with grace, tact and professionalism.
  • Simple, healthy, easy to follow and incredibly delicious outdoor recipes.
  • Lori Dake is a lifelong camping and music enthusiast who loves to combine the two whenever possible. She has traveled to almost every edge of North America the old-fashioned way, and she is always up for pitching a tent and living simply among like-minded, spiritual individuals.