Here, I have listed numerous bands and their pages which I feel are the best there is to offer. Since I favor so many, I have chosen to list the best page available for each band posted (the official pages whenever possible). Be sure to note they are not listed in any particular order; they are only listed as I came across them.

Z-Rock Radio
Lock it in, rip the knob off!

The Ultimate Band List Rebel Radio
DeathMetal.Com Metal Links (A Comprehensive Site)
Type O Negative ManOWar
GWAR Marilyn Manson
Danzig Pantera
Metallica Ozzy Osbourne
Iron Maiden White Zombie
Sepultura At The Gates
Suicidal Tendencies The Offspring
Black Sabbath Unofficial Black Sabbath Site
Rush AC/DC
Slayer Anthrax
Misfits Napalm Death
Nuclear Assault Murphy's Law
Deicide Cannibal Corpse
The Exploited Styx
Led Zeppelin The Scorpions
Aerosmith The Ramones