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I have two questions for you. 1)How come men are such [expletive]? It's like they not thinking with there bigger head,but there other one.Ugh they are such [expletive]! (ugh) 2)Why are the Christens such [expletive]?I have never met a Christen that wasn't a hypocrite!
Lady Aradia

Dear Lady Aradia,
Thank you for a serious post. Pertaining to your first question, "How come men are such [expletive]?":
Actually everyone is at one point or another. Why, on one of My many expeditions, I witnessed Mother Teresa knock the tar out of a Hindu! It's true!
Men are jerks because, in the past, they were not only permitted to act in such a fashion, but were encouraged! This is Our time, you see, so it is Our duty to take whatever is sent Our way and send it sprawling back at three times its original ferocity! Then, and only then, will men behave like the good little children they know they can be (just like My husband; he's an excellent pet) :)
As to your second question:
:::sigh::: As a tormented child reared in the unfortunate environment of Catholicism, I understand exactly how you feel. However, I surprisingly -have- come across a small number of decent Xians. While most of them are brainwashed fools carrying back-breaking amounts of bricks for a sadistic god, there are still a few that break the mold.
DoomDiva, the Demoness.

Dear DoomDiva, the Demoness.

So what is the meaning of life?

Yanaidar Highpriest of Cholidor.

I am replying with the assumption you were being serious in your question:
I believe this is different for each individual, but, in general, for each person to do whatever makes him or her truly happy. This may or may not be good for all parties involved, of course, but to each their own.
DoomDiva, the Demoness.

ok Demoness~
what do u think - i keep ending up with men who end up nearly killin me. do u think i'm just attracted to these types? do u think, since u dont know me, that maybe i'm just a b**** (i'm not n this happens only when i wanna leave 'em)... or maybe it's just that i got that flame...hmmm.
respectfully yours,
Abused n misused.

Since it is not natural for any animal to go hunting for a predator, (especially ones at the top of the food chain!) it seems to Me that you may not necessarily be attracted to Woman-beaters, but to stronger men in general. Perhaps you like being the "damsel in distress" or watch men fight over you. Maybe you're even a bit on the submissive side; I don't know. These are things you should look into, and maybe take a course of action for a self-esteem check.
And no, I don't think you are a "b****", at least not in a derogatory sense ;)
DoomDiva, the Demoness.